Dr Olimpia Claudia Belea
19 votes, average: 3.63 out of 519 votes, average: 3.63 out of 519 votes, average: 3.63 out of 519 votes, average: 3.63 out of 519 votes, average: 3.63 out of 5 (19)
Dr Olimpia Claudia Belea
Dr Olimpia Belea is a Mental Health Consultant, physician have practice in Barnes Hospital in London . Dr Olimpia Claudia Belea has 561 views and 13 reviews. 19 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 3.63 out of 5.
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  • Practice name Barnes Hospital
  • Address South Worple Way, Barnes, London, SW14 8SU
  • City London

13 thoughts on “Dr Olimpia Claudia Belea”




    Nathan Singh


    Agree with the previous poster. Came on to post how poor my evaluation was and that she doesn’t listen or ask questions a professional should! Avoid like the Tube!

    Emma Collins


    Whilst I understand that everyone is going through a lot at the moment, this should be even more reason why we rely on and expect a certain level of service. No care or competence from this rude ‘Doctor’

    James Barnes


    Dr Belea is a professional and was the only doctor to diagnose me as ADHD even though I don’t present the typical symptoms. With years of trouble sleeping, she helped me choose an SSRI medication to help although I’m sleepy during the day now as well

    Will evaluate the medication for a few weeks

    Abed Sithole Mangwana


    Good Lord save me if I left Zimbabwe for this level of treatments. Save my soul hear me now praise to my ancestors. This cannot be a mental health doctor who insist sleep is my problem and ADHD.

    Matt Collins


    Some of these reviews are just defamatory and untrue. She is a consummate professional who evaluated and prescribed for my condition where other Psychiatrists were quick to prescribe medications that pharmaceutical companies pushed for.

    I have seen a few Psychologists and 3 Psychiatrists. Dr Belea is the best by far

    Angela Quinn


    Shocked that Dr Belea is still allowed to practice medicine. She is prejudice and dismissive doctor and her overconfidence in her (lack of) abilities and narrow mindset is a medical and public hazard. Proceed at your own risk and if in doubt request a second opinion immediately.

    Victim of Dr Belea


    I highly suspect this woman is NOT a legitimately qualified doctor. Her credentials should be looked into. Fraud

    Edwin Swales


    As an older patient I would have expected more care and patience when this doctor advised me. Perhaps ADHD is her specialty but she should have considered prescribing stimulants to a 71 yr old as dangerous!

    I was then prescribed blockers for high BP?!

    Please consider than not everyone is the same and for Gods sake, as a doctor consider àn older patients comorbidities.

    I took the time to warn but in reality should have researched her first. It would seem others have had poor experiences as well.

    God bless



    A good caring doctor. Thank you for your kind advice

    Andy Newman


    This doctor ruined my life. I have still not recovered from her treatment. Awful doctor (she does not deserve that title) and awful experience. She is like the local legal drug dealer. She will diagnose anyone with ADHD just to offload her controlled drugs on them and get the referral fee. It’s all about the £££ for belea. Continuing to work while her victims are still suffering from her awful treatment. She is an NHS horror story not an NHS hero. #defunddrbelea



    A caring and compassionate Doctor

    Maciej KOPEL


    She saves my life twice, she was very professional, understanding, helpful …
    I never met so nice and understanding doctor.

    thank you Dr. Olimpia

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