Dr Ildiko Schuller
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Dr Ildiko Schuller
Dr Ildiko Schuller is a Paediatrician, physician have practice at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, London in London. Doctor has 930 views and 1 review. 3 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 4.67 out of 5.

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What is the Dr Ildiko Schuller's specialty?
Dr Ildiko Schuller is a Paediatrician.
What is the address of the Dr Ildiko Schuller's practice?
Dr Ildiko Schuller works at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Stadium Rd, London SE18 4QH
Latest doctor profile update: 15.06.2022

One thought on “Dr Ildiko Schuller”

    Danar Girdi


    Dr ildiko schuller is the best doctor I have ever met in my life. This kind and compassionate woman saved me from childhood Acute lymphoblastic leukemia when I was diagnosed at the age of 5 in 2010, I first met her at sidcup hospital and remember the many moments I shared with this wonderful woman. I was a stubborn little one back then and remember how much I hated needles to the point I would cry and shout, yet she was always there to cheer me up and that everything was ok even while unaware of the dangerous disease I was living with for 3 years. I was then referred over to multiple other hospitals before finally being sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital where she was stationed. I was put in the Tiger Ward Oncology department for children and towards the end of 2013 and early 2014 I was finally cured of my disease, I literally owe this woman my entire life as she was the main person who was there to save me and plan my treatment, I loved her so much and always used to hug her everytime I went to see her for checkups the following years, at around 2019 was the last time I ever saw her and I gave her a great big hug like I always did. However when I found out a couple months after she died off Motor Neurone Disease during school In 2021 I completely broke down and instantly remembered that last moment I spent with her, As I write right now I feel like i’m about to burst into tears again because im still devastated over this loss. I will never be able to repay her for the things she did for me and as of right now in 2022 I am 16 years of age and every single day I live is because of her, without her i wouldnt be here writing this. Even towards the end of my treatment I still smiled knowing that I was feeling better. There is a photo of me in Queen Elizabeth Hospital as a child in 2013 with the Charlton Football team who came by to visit the children in the Oncology department, search up Danar Girdi and whoever comes by to read this can find it. I’m in tears as I write this and i’m not ashamed of it at all, I love Dr Schuller from the bottom of my heart and my deepest and most sincere condolonces goes out to her family, who I imagine are in even more pain than I am. But in the hopes that someone from her family reads this, just know. That the children that she saved look up to her as a hero and each child is a glistening hope that aspire to be just like her one day. It is because of her I dream to also one day be a Paediatric Oncologist and help children like she helped me one day. To you Dr Schuller I am forever grateful, and no amount of words can express this. Thank You.

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