Dr Ian Chikanza is a General Physician (General Internal Medicine), Rheumatologist, physician have practice at The Harley Street Clinic in London and Mile End Hospital in London. Doctor has 1,183 views and 6 reviews. 7 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 3.29 out of 5.


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  • Practice name The Harley Street Clinic
  • Address 35 Weymouth Street, London, W1G 8BJ
  • City London
What is the Dr Ian Chikanza's specialty?
Dr Ian Chikanza is a General Physician (General Internal Medicine), Rheumatologist.
What is the address of the Dr Ian Chikanza's practice?
Dr Ian Chikanza works at 35 Weymouth Street, London, W1G 8BJ
What are the Dr Ian Chikanza's qualifications?


Latest doctor profile update: 21.02.2022

6 thoughts on “Dr Ian Chikanza”

    jane kucuk


    poor customer service, Arogant and unengaged doctor



    Arrogant and doesn’t discuss concerns. Actually has not followed national guidelines on my disease. Doesn’t like being challenged.



    Impossible to get a follow-up appointment, doesn’t return calls and won’t reply to emails 2 months after having scan. Not a personable doctor either, not open to discussions, it’s his way or the highway! Such a shame as expected more.



    I would not recommend. His manner over telephone appointment was somewhat dismissive, and lacking in understanding of the impact of symptoms.

    Even worse, however, was the lack of communication post-appointment. I was sent for tests which would’ve amounted to around £5,000 (had I not shopped around for scans/bloods etc.). When I then tried to book a follow-up appointment, I received an automated response informing me his clinic would be closed for an entire month. As a private patient, I would have expected to at least receive prior warning of this. Even after this date had passed, I couldn’t reach him by phone or email, and was forced to seek help from another specialist, paying the initial consult fee all over again.

    Five months after my initial appointment, I then received an email (without any apology), attempting to book me in for a follow up. Given his steep consultation charges, I find this delay to be unacceptable.

    As scans and blood tests were requested by Professor Chikanza, I also had to put in information requests under the GDPR to access my own scan results from various clinics, as I was unable to contact him for a follow-up, and the clinic was unable to contact him for permission to release my records.

    This led to significant delays in me being able to see another doctor, and begin my journey towards treatment. It is clear that money is at the heart of Professor Chikanza’s clinic, and not patient care.



    I have had many private medical consultations and I have never experienced one where the doctor is this late (50 minutes), unclear, rude (interrupting when I’m only trying to explain things carefully) and unprepared (hadn’t read the summary I’d prepared for him). And it was one of the most expensive.

    I felt quite judged at times but I was only trying to explain my history and I am not the expert here, so I give as much detail as I can, in case it is important.

    I would also expect my doctor to have the paid version of Zoom or Teams for my consultations. I have not experienced them using the free version which cuts off before.

    In addition, some aspects the online form I filled out did not appear to have been saved correctly.

    I told him I had several conditions, which I’d listed on the form, and as it was showing as blank I’d need to take time to talk him through them. He said there wouldn’t be time for that so just asked about diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

    All in all I’m cutting my losses (£350) and moving on to someone I feel comfortable with.



    Absolutely do not recommend Dr Chikanza or his clinic. We waited months for the diagnosis letter after paying £4000 for all the tests he requested to have completely the wrong information added to the letter. When I put it an official complaint he threatened me saying I was doing medical fraud and threatened safeguarding for my child. Communication is awful from his secretary and non existent after you’ve been seen. Awful traumatic experience

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