Dr Anil Desai
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Dr Anil Desai
Dr Anil J Desai is a Oncologist, Breast Surgeon, physician have practice in London Bridge Hospital in London . Dr Anil Desai has 71 views and no reviews. 0 patients voted for the doctor, average rating 0.00 out of 5.
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Medical oncologists are doctors who diagnose, assess, treat and manage patients with cancers (malignant tumours) and conduct translational research (ie research that has practical applications). Medical oncologists treat patients who have localised or metastatic malignancy in need of systemic therapy. They also treat patients whose cancer has potentially been cured by surgery but for whom further therapy improves their outlook. Clinical oncologists are doctors who use radiotherapy and chemotherapy to treat and manage patients with cancer. They also use a range of other treatments to treat cancers, without using surgery. Medical and clinical oncologists often work in partnership together, and clinical oncology covers both the therapeutic administration of ionising radiation (radiotherapy) and cytotoxic chemotherapy. However, only clinical oncologists administer radiotherapy. Breast Surgeon treats patients with breast cancer as well as performs reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. As a treatment for breast cancer there are two main types of surgery that are conducted: a mastectomy or breast lump removal (lumpectomy). During a mastectomy, most of the breast is removed in order to get rid of all cancerous tissue. A lumpectomy is performed to remove a lump in order to check for signs of cancer. Reconstructive surgery is provided to patients who have undergone either a mastectomy or lumpectomy. For cosmetic surgery, consultants offer three breast surgery treatments: breast enlargement, breast lift and breast reduction.

  • Practice name London Bridge Hospital
  • Address 27 Tooley Street, London SE1 2PR
  • City London

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